Founding Fathers and Ambassadors

Eric van Klaveren

Eric van Klaveren is a Consultant at Login Consultants.

Eric van Klaveren works as an EUC Consultant for Login Consultants with over 14 years of professional IT experience. Both professionally and privately he takes people on a journey and make people enthusiastic about the application and use of products or service. Talks about End User Computing or share a digital workplace vision for now and the future. In addition to his work, he writes articles about lifestyle, gadgets and technology for AskMen. Some reviews can also be found on IGN about video games or equipment. For Login Consultants, he provides the knowledge event (evening) once a quarter, Log*into. In addition, he organizes a similar event once a year – Login Live. Live lasts from Friday to Saturday where he takes care of the opening- closing keynote and offer colleagues a stage. Other creative expressions can be found in the SocialBar on Instagram about current topics such as; IoT, Smart Devices, Laptops, Telephones, Games, Social Media etc. He is also the co-founder of the Login TechCast, a Dutch podcast about the world of End User Computing, Cloud and UX. It’s a two weekly community driven podcast where a lot of prominent members from the world of EUC are invited to talk with a quickly growing group of listeners (1k+ per episode).

Jits Langedijk

Jits Langedijk is a Sr. Solution Architect at NVIDIA.

As a solution architect my primary focus is to help customers and support partners on NVIDIA technology with a focussing on virtual GPU (vGPU/GRID), Quadro, Virtual Reality, Advanced Rendering and Deep Learning (AI) related opportunities. With his 15+ years of experience in IT he is able to analyze and advice organizations on their IT vision and strategy as well. He has a focus on delivering smart solutions, enabling people to work in a pleasant and productive manner. With a brought experience in the End User Computing space, the Workspace, he knows how to translate functional requirements into technical solutions that fits. Remote Desktop and Application (Microsoft (Azure), Citrix and VMware), Enterprise Mobility Management and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions he is able to deliver a great Dynamic Workspace, where User eXperience (UX) is key! Jits is awarded as a Citrix Technology Advocate.

Sander Noordijk is a Consultant at Login Consultants.

As someone who doesn’t wait for opportunities to arise, I tend to create my own and have been part of a lot of cool things. In the first place I am an IT consultant who implements, assesses and strategizes with customers. Whether I’m tasked with designing a new workspace environment or presenting a vision on the digital workspace in 2025, I do it with passion. Never shy of podium, I have organized many internal and external events and hosted opening and closing keynotes there. As the co-creator of the Login TechCast, a community-driven podcast centred around End User Computing, I have interviewed the greatest minds in the field. Creating content is in my blood, as I have been a active in the videogame industry for nine years. My work can be found on, the biggest media brand in the world, where I write reviews and articles, host events, but also made a lot of video content and live streams. On top of that I was also a presenter and shoutcaster for the virtual races of the Ziggo eBattle: a full-fledged studio production broadcasted on national television and social channels as well as writing a weekly F1 column at But most importantly, I am a husband and devoted father to my beautiful daughter.