Why EUC-X?

In the famous words of Simon Sinek you should always start with why. Why create a platform to share content, driven by the community that accepts all forms of media? Because it will be our way of contributing to the End User Computing community and make it easier for the reader to find articles from all of the biggest names in the industry.

End User Computing is not only the coolest thing in the world, it covers so much ground. In order to offer an application to the end user, we need application servers, hypervisors, network, storage, compute, cloud… you name it! End User Computing is all encompassing and therefore not JUST a Citrix, Microsoft, Nutanix or VMware affair. The EUC-X Foundation creates this platform for all EUC communities so we can share and grow together.

We believe in new media, so aside from blogs, EUC-X is also the place for video, audio or interactive content. We aggregate and point towards your site or channel and as the creator you will always be credited. Have no blog of your own or lack experience in writing or presenting? We’ve got you covered in EUC-X’s guidance program!

There’s no excuse not to start sharing your knowledge, but also if you wish to just browse – we welcome you with open arms, here at EUC-X.